Over the years, the NoDa community has seen most of its galleries close, but the Artisan’s Palate hopes to change that. Our space features a large gallery where we’ll display collections from Charlotte artists – a new one every month. We’ll offer one-time immersive experiences based on each collection, where all five of your senses can come together through art, food, music and more.

Every day, we’ll offer the community a to gather and enjoy locally-sourced coffee, craft cocktails, international wines and delicious culinary creations from our chef, Christa Csoka.



As the daughter of a refugee from Budapest-turned Army Officer and West Point Professor, Chef Christa has lived in many cities throughout the country, all of which have given her a diverse culinary point of view.

Her love for entertaining and creating delicious food began when she was a child, helping her mother host dinners for generals and cadets, often attended by 50-100 people.

She was working in HR in New York City on 9/11. Watching the towers fall from her office window caused her to realize life was too short not to follow her true dream: becoming a chef. She went on to graduate from the French Culinary Institute and begin to make her way in the world-famous culinary scene of Chicago.

Family brought her back to Charlotte in 2003, when almost every building on North Davidson Street was an art gallery and Charlotteans flocked to visit them all. After watching those galleries become stores and restaurants over the next decade, she envisioned a space in which all these concepts could co-exist in harmony. She’s excited to finally realize this dream with The Artisan’s Palate, opening summer 2019.


We believe no matter what your medium, if you’re creating something from your heart, with your unique point of view, you’re an artisan. Each facet of your experience with us – from the chairs you sit in to the food you eat, to the music in the speakers will feature local artisans at every opportunity.

We believe in sourcing ingredients locally, ethically and seasonally. Whenever possible, your food and drink will be prepared with ingredients from our network of local farmers and providers who are proven to use sustainable and humane practices. Most of our menu will change with the seasons.

We believe artisans and employees deserve fair pay for their work. That’s why we charge a small fraction of the average gallery fee for art sales.

The Artisan Palate