Amanda McNeill

June 2023’s Featured Artist




Amanda McNeill is from Rocky Mount, NC. She earned her bachelors degree from East Carolina University, then came to Charlotte in 2008 to attend pharmacy school.  Upon graduation, she began exploring and experiencing Charlotte and its unique neighborhoods. Ultimately, she landed in Noda…the place she now calls home.  

Her calling towards art only came about 6 years ago, actually, after a tragic accident that put her world on pause. Since then, she has been learning and growing, both personally and artistically, across a number of mediums.  Now, art has grown into her true passion and rightful path into her future. 



My name is Amanda McNeill (although I’m more often referred to as Squirrel!), and I’m a visual artist.  My medium entails a bit of everything…as long as it’s broken or discarded! I bring back to life, usually with new purpose, items that I find via dumpster diving, roadside shopping, or manifestation.   

My body of work includes funky, functional, conversation pieces such as lamps, clocks, chess sets, paintings, and anything else I conjure up in my squirrelly brain.   

My art provides a platform to showcase that broken is not synonymous with useless. 

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