Amy Hipple

March 2022’s Featured Artist

Artist Bio:

Amy Hipple is an artist and former Art Therapist originally from Pennsylvania now living in Charlotte, NC. Her style of abstract painting explores the use of color, line, and application of paint. Growing up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Amy’s appreciation for nature began early in life. After completing her Bachelors of Art degree from Temple University, her passion for helping others through art-making inspired the return to schooling and completion of her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy.

Amy’s background and training as an Art Therapist has provided keen insight into the use of creating art as a means to self-exploration, healing, and transformation. She believes in the power of art-making as a universal language that can become a catalyst for healing. Her paintings and her intuitive process of creating them, has been a vital step in her own journey of healing from past trauma.  Her paintings aim to evoke feelings of hopefulness, peace, and serenity, just some of the feelings she herself experiences through her process of creating.

Artist Statement:

New Horizons is an exhibit featuring a series of paintings inspired by the continual search for light within darkness. After experiencing the loss of her home to an electrical fire in 2010, Amy was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Amy spent years working with others through the use of Art Therapy practices while simultaneously walking her own path to healing. Exploration of meditative practices, journaling, mindfulness, and art-making, brought significant change and transformation to Amy’s quality of life. The work of this series explores this state of finding beauty in all of life’s moments. The belief that we are not our current circumstance. That we can create as a means to heal, and we can remain hopeful within our journey. Each day brings new light. The creation of this collection is just as much a glimpse of her healing process as it is an inspiration to those that may struggle to find their own light.

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