Clay Anita

Artist, Bodycast Sculptor

Clay Anita Charlotte Artist

Clay Anita

Clay is based in Charlotte, NC where he was born and raised. This is more interesting than it appears considering the nature of his art in the buckle of the bible belt. Bodycasting nude figures from life.

Clay’s direct application of baby oil and wet plaster on a nude female model presents more than just a dynamic sculpture. It’s the whole experience of conception and execution in relation to artist, model and the completed work. The original casting of a model is often performed in a party setting where a completed sculpture has evolved from conceptual and performance art. Other castings lend themselves to more intimate and private sessions.

Ever since he was a child if he wanted something he was compelled to make it. This has proved very helpful in his later artistic endeavors. In 2007 he experimented by casting a pregnant friend’s belly and became more skilled with the material and developed techniques and processes that allowed him to move forward in his expression as a BodyCast sculptor. Clay’s passion for creation and the female figure grew more exciting drawing attention from counter cultures and underground lifestyles including nudist resorts, exotic clubs and celebrities seeking eccentric forms of art. This is where Clay came into his own. Giving his clients, fans and followers something unexpected, provocative and fun.

Artist statement:

BodyCast Sculptor; Passionate, Unexpected and Fun. If I evoke nothing more than a playful whimsy and a smile, I have fulfilled my intention.

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