Ellen Carlisle

 February 2023’s Featured Artist


Originally from New Jersey, Ellen and her husband of 44 years moved their growing family 8 times in their first 17 years, landing for good in Charlotte in 1995. A natural creative, Ellen always found refuge in creative arts.  In addition to being an artist, she is a seamstress, gourmet cook, and twice-published author.  She absolutely loves it all, especially pen and ink, charcoal, and, of course, oils.

Beginning with classes at CPCC, Ellen soon initiated weekly lessons with a friend and painting mentor, Andy Braitman. Today, she participates in the GCA and MAG, happily accepting commissions and selling her original works through those guilds and several area restaurants.



I feel blessed to be an artist. Frequent moves and travel have exposed me to amazingly beautiful places. I use my painting to honor those treasured spots and preserve cherished memories. My goal is to share glimpses of the beauty around us through paintings of Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Trees. In our home are shelves to accommodate my always evolving collection. Each piece conjures an emotion, a memory, a laugh, an exhale—always uplifting.  To me, that’s what art is all about. I hope “Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Trees” will help viewers find respite from our crazy world.

The Artisan Palate