Emilie White

April 2024’s Featured Artist




Artist BIO:

Emilie White received her BFA at Samford University which included a major in Interior Architecture and a minor in art. She is a creative in many forms, but has loved practicing art as a creative outlet for the majority of her life. She has exhibited her work at the Warehouse 242 Gallery in Charlotte. She is a multimedia artist who loves discovering new mediums to create art. She currently works and lives in Charlotte, NC.


This is my largest collection I have done to date, and one that I am most proud of. This is a collection of mixed media works that include acrylic paint, magazine scraps, and acrylic pen. It is called the “Freedom Collection” because each piece represents a part of my journey in exploring what it means to be free. Birds symbolize freedom to me, so each painting combines portraiture with a bird. The combined emotion of the woman and the symbolic nature of the personality and characteristics of the bird represent a season of my exploration. My journey ranges from feelings of being caged, to feeling wild and lost, to returning to a place of peace.