John Burgin

February 2022’s Featured Artist

Artist Bio:

I love to draw. Apart from a one and a half year college experience at Western Carolina University, I have lived my entire life in Charlotte, NC. I graduated from West Mecklenburg High School and completed my college education at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BFA in painting and drawing. I have three incredible kids and a beautiful grandchild and I love traveling around with my stunner Lisa.


Artist Statement:

I am a drawer, not like something you would put socks in or silverware but as someone who loves to draw, a doodler of sorts. Maybe drawer is not a real word but I believe it is the best way to describe the images I make. Some are made with pencils, some with markers and some with acrylic paint, but they are all drawings to me.

I am heavily influenced by cartoons, street art, and pop culture and I hope to take the viewer to a fun place, possibly helping to take them away from reality for a short time. I love sketchy lines and fun colors and want people to see that for the most part these works are fun for me and a bit therapeutic as well. Thank you for taking a look.

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