Kelly Aiken

May 2022’s Featured Artist

Artist Bio:

Kelly Aiken is an artist and creative designer living in south Charlotte, NC area. Ms. Aiken graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design. After working for an Architecture firm as a marketing director in Boston, MA, Kelly switched fields into the art world as Assistant Creative Director at The Paint Bar,  leading studio instruction and creating new calendar content. Kelly moved to Charlotte, NC and became a mother and artist, launching Copeley Designs Art. Creating Gold Leaf abstract originals, Kelly sells work through local galleries and boutiques, paints murals, and sells prints through West Elm. Kelly teaches gold leaf abstract murals online, CLT Skyline art classes, and Ombre coaster classes throughout Charlotte. Having dermatillomania, her mission involves mental health awareness and giving back to therapy and art organizations. 

instagram: @copeley_designs_art




Artist Statement:

Through experimenting with reflection distortion, art therapy has been a way to heal mental health and skin. Within these works of art, I have broken mirrors,  added pigment , and sealed reflective resin to represent my journey living with dermatillomania. Gilding gold leaf and painting with new mediums has allowed me to have control over this OCD through art work, creating something beautiful through ever changing emotions. 

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