Liz Cisneros

September 2022’s Featured Artist

Artist Bio:

Liz Cisneros is a textural fine artist who loves to create sculptural paintings inspired by life experiences, nature, thematic exhibitions, and textures all around. While featured in several galleries, fine dining restaurants, and many exhibitions around Charlotte, one of her proudest moments was a showcase at The Mint Museum alongside several other talented Charlotte artists.

For years Liz has fallen in love with all things creative. She takes pleasure in exploring different mediums and materials that build off the canvas and form beautiful rich textures. Liz loves to share the process of her artwork through Instagram Reels which enhances her recognition amongst her creative community. She enjoys collaborating with many artists through various mediums such as painting, video creation, murals, and coordinating events. Liz remains a student of art and continues to push the boundaries of future works and creative endeavors.


Artist Statement:

I believe life itself can never truly be planned. Alongside happiness and beautiful moments, It is also filled with many flaws, mistakes and imperfections. I see beauty in this, I see it as a teachable experience, moments I can learn and create from and the reason why the world of abstraction and fine art is highly appealing to me. I’m inspired by the textures that surround us on a day to day and wonder how I can incorporate them into my artwork.

This exhibition is inspired by a journey into nature and the textures that we may seem to overlook at times and not appreciate. We may go out for a hike or a walk on the beach but do we truly take a moment and just look at the bark of a tree, or the texture of the wet sand. Defined within the exhibition is a piece of artwork inspired by a Bindle Bag. The bag is filled with the textures you will find throughout your experience in “Nature’s Touch” 

The Artisan Palate