Mark Doepker

The featured artist for July 2021.


Mark is a self taught lifelong artist hailing from the mid west. His resides in collections across North America, Central America and Europe. He is a staunch supporter of the Charlotte art scene and exhibits regularly.  Mark is at his best when creating whether it be, a house, a car, or art, but then again everything in its highest form is an art.  Making art for him is about personal experiences,  The images and titles can serve as time capsules that take him to a certain place.  His portraits are created from real live local people which helps to explore the human condition.  Doing so creates an avenue for others to gain more compassion, understanding and appreciation for fellow humans.

Artist Statement: I draw from life.  I think figure drawing is one of the cornerstones to any creative/successful community and perhaps always has been.  With my current work there is no preliminary sketch, what you see is “the sketch” start to finish.  I think we learn a lot about ourselves and each other when we draw.  I feel when a piece is finished, it kind of serves as a mirror of sorts and helps you see and know things about yourself that may not have been so easy to realize without this “mirror”.

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