Melissa Herriott

March 2021’s featured artist.

Self-taught, Charlotte-based abstract artist, Melissa Herriott, works with multiple mediums including
acrylic, oil, and ink. Her paintings… full of color, texture, and symbolism can be found all over Charlotte (and beyond). Melissa has been featured in QC Exclusive Magazine and the KNOW Book of Women 2020.

She can be found painting LIVE at various charity galas (yes… in a ball gown!), including at The Mint
Museum. Melissa hosts pop-ups at local small businesses and has partnered with West Elm to bring local art into large, world-wide, retailers.

An ink painting of Melissa’s was even selected as part of a community beautification project and can be seen blown up on a traffic box in Plaza Midwood!

Melissa’s hope is that her work brings joy, sparks conversation, inspires, and allows you (if even for a
moment) to get lost inside of it… to make you FEEL something.

Artist statement:

HERstory. An exhibit featuring Melissa Herriott “Worthy” and “Weight of the World” series. This exhibit will be up the entire month of March – Women’s “HERstory” Month. These pieces, like much of Herriott’s work, honor and celebrate women. Their strength, fortitude, resilience, beauty and power. It asks women to not only accept themselves, but to celebrate themselves. Every soft curve and hard edge. Every scar. Every inch. Every pound. At every phase and in every chapter. Radical self-acceptance.




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