Pam Singh

The featured artist for October 2021.


Artist Bio

Pam Singh is a Fashion Designer and a self-educated Fine Artist originally from India now living and working in Charlotte, NC, USA. Her style of painting is self-experimented; She works in Oil, Acrylics and Mix Media paintings.

Pam’s paintings are empowering and symbolize feminine strength, dreams, powers and energies that represent beauty and individuality of a woman. The fascination she felt for art and creating beautiful things started in her early childhood and her dreams are now taking shape in reality in various artistic and creative ways such as painting, apparel designing and classical dancing.

In 2021, Pam Singh was elected as a “Board Of Director for Exhibits” by SouthEnd Arts, a Charlotte based non-profit organization creating equity Art exhibits. Pam is also supports and is a member of several different Art organizations across the country.

Artist Statement

My paintings always contemplate how the feminine beauty, nature and beliefs can be a soul healer! The world sees through their eyes and I love to paint/ create art that gives peace to those eyes, and refreshes one’s soul. My motive behind every creation is to always find a visual language that best connects with my state of mind, beliefs, dreams and the feelings of the viewer. In my creativity, I strive to achieve a sense of tranquility, healing quality that exhales positive energy, serenity and peace which invites the viewer to slide into a state of harmony.

The Artisan Palate