Field Notes

November 2021’s art show, by featured artists Sam Guzzie & Hannah Fairweather.

Field Notes is an exploration of the human experience by way of the natural world. This continuing series poses a personal discovery of this relationship, in a collaboration of individual expression between two artists’ perspectives.

The teetering balances in nature respond to cycles of death and again in rebirth throughout our lives and our constant surroundings. Field Notes is a reflection of connectivity in a surreal & vulnerable language; the symbolic wisdom of flora. We explore the recall of moments & patterns of human emotion and the balance between connection points, within our world & ourselves.

Sam Guzzie:


Sam Guzzie is a mixed-media oil painter, muralist and installation artist, born in Philadelphia, PA  and currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Guzzie founded the local nonprofit Brand the Moth in 2016, and continues to serve as the organization’s Program Director. She uses symbolic expression and story telling to explore the depths of human emotional, mental and sensational experience of human society and personal relationships. Her work is a study of human connection and intimacy, offering a continued dialogue for interpersonal experience, through both public art programming and personal practice. Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in studio art with a minor in art history from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.





Hannah Fairweather:


Hannah Fairweather is a local mixed-media & installation artist & the Director of Curation for Brand the Moth. Her work explores surreal balances in nature, creating unexpected ecosystems within layers of colored pencil, metallic paint & fabric. Drawn to natural textures and color palettes from a young age, her naturalistic landscapes are influenced by the daily changes in her garden and its creatures. She also holds a BFA in design and is a producer at a local advertising agency. Through the projects she drives, from art trades to curating exhibitions, her focus always remains on balance & connection to each other.







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