Stephanie Chamelo

March 2023’s Featured Artist


Stephanie Chamelo is a self-taught abstract artist. Over the course of her career Stephanie has created a body of work full of color and form to challenge the viewers thoughts about art. Stephanie had her first live art performance in December of 2021 where she came in 3rd in a Battle Walls mural competition. She has exhibited in shows and galleries, participated in art fairs, as well as painted live with several art communities across Charlotte like Southend Arts and NFT CLT. She loves collaborating with others in the arts and finds blending her style with another’s an easy task. Currently Stephanie is continuing to challenge herself with new subjects and forms in order to communicate the meaning behind her work. What comes next from her might not be like what came before but that’s because she’s been dubbed Chamelo the chameleon. 



I am beyond excited to share Pretty Girl Privilege, my exclusive exhibition at the Artisan’s Palate. I have spent over a decade meditating on this body of work. There is a lot I am attempting to discuss all while keeping it simple. I have centered the work around one question, is being a pretty girl a privilege? I try to answer this question with abstract representational forms. From there the work delves into the entirety of the societal concept of beauty and the exacting worth of a woman. This limited-edition collection of art is an invitation to all to examine what you think of beauty and I hope that at least one piece will touch your soul.

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