The Wild Inside is a collaborative exploration of the role that imagination and wonder play in coping with the collective experience of isolation, ambiguity and grief as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. The artists worked together (while apart in their separate homes) to create pieces that interlace joy and anxiety, whimsy and the mundane, playfulness and austerity to illustrate the complexities of navigating the drastic changes that have taken place in society and our personal lives within the last few months. #thewildinsideclt


Jillian is a Charlotte-based fiber artist and writer whose work is driven by a fascination with texture, experimentation and collaboration. 

Instagram: @jillianmcreative


Taylor is an artist who innovates with both traditional and unconventional materials to create whimsically surreal and colorful paintings, illustrations, animations, sculpture, performances, and more.

Instagram: @taylorleenicholson


Charlotte based photographer and filmmaker, Hamilton Ward, utilizes experimental film techniques along with found footage to create works which evoke a nostalgic recollection. His films have been featured at Indie Grits and the Bitter Southerner and he was also awarded the Southern Documentary Fund Grant. His series of self portraiture has been featured most recently at c3lab and goodyear arts, where he curated an alt process photography show.

Ward is also an instructor for the Light Factory and has been a guest speaker for UNC Charlotte on multiple occasions.


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