Tim Petrinec

December 2020’s featured artist.

Tim Petrinec

Tim Petrinec had his first professional art show in Brooklyn in 2003. A few years later, he was a visual artist at Bonnaroo Music Festival and in 2009 was 1 of  12 artists chosen from around the United States to complete an art reality show call “Work of Genius”. 

Shortly thereafter, he created work for Hard Rock International as well as work for Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers. Most recently, Tim was selected as an ArtPop Street Gallery Artist for 2021. He now lives in Charlotte where he paints professionally. 

Artist Statement:  Tim is an artist who believes that art should continuously be evolving. This series is focused on old music. With every piece, each brush stroke is like a note in a song and is intended to capture an element of the sound, feel and emotion of a song. Other pieces in the collection show intense realism, intended as an invitation to connect more deeply with the subject.

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