Liz Haywood

January 2023’s Featured Artist


Liz’s earliest memory of creating art was painting her beloved rescue dog, Sammy. He is painted on a fuchsia background framed in gold macaroni in her Charlotte, NC childhood home. Liz graduated from Appalachian State and The Portfolio Center in Atlanta. She completed her studies in design and illustration, winning several student awards. She developed her professional skills as a graphic designer in New York for seven years. She established herself as an independent artist in Atlanta working in spray and latex paint on canvas and painting murals in public spaces to

voice her social concerns. Now in Charlotte, Liz was awarded an Honorable Mention by SouthEnd Arts and The Brooklyn Collective in 2021. She was selected for a mural residency by Brand the Moth. She now has several murals in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Liz was chosen for the 2022 class of Charlotte ArtPop. Her artwork has been displayed nationally on billboards and across Charlotte everywhere from the Airport to The President’s Cup.




In my life I have often been called opinionated. In my art I have always been called passionate. My lighthearted approach to tackling big issues keeps me hopeful and open, reducing the tension surrounding divisive subjects. Drips, splatters and rich texture in my art are created with layers of acrylic pen, latex and spray paint. With confident, free gestural strokes I build layers of texture. I use proximity to highlight the similarity of people with contrasting appearances. The repetition of figures ties them together visually creates a rhythm in my work. Full of vivid color and witty visual surprises, the goal of my art is to lift spirits.

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